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First Kiss and Last - Sylar/Gabriel

Character: Sylar and Gabriel
Genre: slash
Author: sylar
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 541
Rating: PG 13
Prompt: Kiss on the neck and Goodbye
Note: Two Ficlets for graylikeme

First Kiss:
I heard the clatter of bowls and humming coming from the kitchen when I came in. Gabe was standing at the counter with flour on his cheek and his glasses slipping down his nose while he read a recipe. He was adorable. My stomach filled with butterflies at the sight of him with his perfect hair out of place and the smudge on his face. He was always so damned neat. Apparently we weren’t capable of letting our hair down until we’d felt someone’s blood and brains on our hands.

“What are you making?” I asked as I come into the kitchen and leaned over his shoulder. There was a bright yellow package of chocolate chips, and my smile grew larger. “I love chocolate chip cookies more than almost anything, Gabe.” Except you. He smelled like vanilla, and I couldn’t stop looking at his lips when he smiled in return.

“I know.” He bumped shoulders with me, then went back to mixing the chips into the dough. “Don’t eat it raw. You’ll get worms.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” I was lying. I wanted to grab a big gob of it to munch on, but not as much as I suddenly wanted him. We’d leaned on each other so much. We loved each other, but I had crossed a line along the way. I needed him. So I gave him a quick peck on the temple and then a lingering kiss on his neck. Hopefully he wouldn’t mind.

And the Last:

It was the end of time. The sky was black, and the air was stagnant. We were curled in each others’ arms, huddled on top of one of the one of the few buildings that remained somewhat intact. The rest of civilization was gone. We were alone, and after so many centuries haunting an empty world, we’d lost our sanity and regained it over and over again. There was little food left, and we’d starved to death many times only to return.

Claire had the right idea. She’d jumped into a volcano, letting the heat of the lava destroy any trace of her. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let go of my life, and I couldn’t leave Gabe alone. He’d offered. He said that we could go together, hand in hand, to our deaths. But I was afraid. I’ve always been afraid of dying—of going to hell for what I’ve done.

Now we’d been watching the sun fade, the air thin and waiting for the end for what felt like forever. Even I’d lost track of how much time had passed, but I doubted that he had. We seldom spoke anymore. We didn’t need words. We knew what we felt. We knew what each other was thinking—we always had. It didn’t matter how many powers we’d collected. It didn’t matter that we could do nearly anything. We were immortal. We were powerful. We were the last of our kind, but we had each other.

He hadn’t aged. Neither had I. I brushed my fingers through his thick dark hair and kissed Gabriel deeply. His taste was all I wanted on my lips when the end finally came. “I have always loved you,” my voice cracked from disuse. “I always will.”
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