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Time to Kill - Sylar and Hiro - 2/3

Character: Sylar and Hiro
Genre: Gen
Author: sylar
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 1200
Rating: R for violence in future chapters
Notes: This is set right after the events of Five Years Gone.

Part One

I’ve been waiting for two weeks. I didn’t clean up much. I wouldn’t want Hiro to know that I’ve been here, but the rats and their filth had to go. So did the old mattress that was mildewed and damp. There was no way in hell that I was sleeping on that. I’ve grown much too accustomed to be spoiled and pampered.

Outside the city is in chaos. It hasn’t been this bad since the aftermath of Peter’s little accident. The specials that I rounded up have broken free from their prisons with the death of Nathan Petrelli. Word spread like wildfire that Sylar had returned, and strange as it may be a lot of the specials were calling me their savior. They were free because of me, and no one had come right out to say that I’d taken Nathan’s place. It would damage the Presidency if they let that out to the general public, and I’m sure it was a fucking shock to them to realize that Nathan was the one who made the orders to turn them into fugitives. That wasn’t my doing.

We were both villains after all. But now I was seen as the hero by the specials because I’d assassinated their oppressor. I loved it. Peter knew the truth of course, but he had vanished.

I sat down in front of the computer I’d stolen and started typing up a public statement. It was time that the world found out that Peter Petrelli had been the bomb and not me. He was the monster, and the blame had been placed on me by his brother to cement his power play to get into office. It would be glorious when it hit the press, and thanks to my time as Nathan, I knew exactly who to send the information too. I had a perfect memory that contained every email address that I’d need to ruin Peter and Nathan’s reputation forever. I might even be able to come out of hiding to support my people – the poor downtrodden specials. I’d be their champion while culling the herd for any powers that I might have missed along the way.

I paused to add more sugar to my tea, warming the cup with my power and contemplated the next part of my statement when I felt a shift in the air. My ears popped much like they did when I was new to flying, as the pressure changed in the loft. A slow grin spread over my face as I got up, setting my cup down carefully next to the computer. It was either Hiro or Peter. Finally.

“So much for my tea,” I muttered as I wrapped a shield of power around. I had a few tricks that Hiro wouldn’t be prepared for, but I didn’t want to show my hand too soon. I hadn’t spent all those years with Rene around the Oval Office not to pick up his power and Parkman’s. Hiro wouldn’t know what hit him, and then I’d take his too.

“Hello, Hiro.” He reached for his katana and narrowed his eyes at me as I stepped into the main room, careful not to get tangled on his web. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

The skirl of steel sounded as the katana came free from its sheath, and Hiro braced himself for battle. I chuckled and walked a slow circle around him, ducking under the cat’s cradle of time when necessary. He watched me like one of the fucking rats that I’d run off. His dark eyes darted from side to side while he looked for a way to escape, but then they focused on me.

“I won’t run from you this time, Sylar.” He relaxed into his fighting stance. The blade in his hand became an extension of his arm. This wasn’t the chubby cheeked moron who tried to stop me at Kirby Plaza. This was the terrorist who thwarted Nathan’s work at every turn. His heartbeat wasn’t racing. If anything he was calmer than I was.

“You won’t?” I chimed in, leaning against a dusty counter just watching him. He couldn’t get through my telekinetic shield to run me through no matter how badly he wanted to. “I thought we should talk. You do know the truth now, don’t you?”

“Which truth, Sylar?” He barked my name with only the barest hint of his old accent. “You are a monster, and I will kill you this time.”

“You and I both know that killing me now is a waste of time.” I chuckled at that one. “If you were going to kill me, you’d have had to do it before the bomb, but you never did do that did you? It didn’t matter if Claire lived or died either from what I’ve read in your diorama here.” He didn’t like that. His hatred for me was a dark cloud surrounding him. “I’m going to tell you a secret. Then you can decide what your next move will be.”

He let out a snort. “Why would I believe anything you have to say, brain man?”

“How adorable. Whether you believe me or not is up to you,” my voice was a dulcet purr. I’d learned a great deal about the importance of body language and voice modulation while being Nathan, and I knew how to pitch it just right to make him listen. “The reason that you haven’t been able to stop the bomb and save the world is simple, Hiro. I wasn’t the bomb.”
“No, that’s not possible.” Now that was the look I wanted to see. Hiro took half a step back and his eyes flickered to the section of the web where he’d hung picture after picture of the destruction. They landed last on a picture of his friend Ando. Thankfully I’d had Parkman and Mohinder fill me in on any faces I didn’t recognize clipped to the strings.

“You can stop time, Hiro. I can do…well fuck…I can do a lot of things. And I’m always happy to take credit where it’s do. I’m a murderer. I’m a bastard. But I wasn’t the bomb. I didn’t kill your friend.” I got up and trailed not my thread but the blue one that represented Peter. I plucked the string like a harp string when I got to the spot where Ted met Peter that was inches from where I killed Ted and took his power. “You forgot about this, or you didn’t notice it. Peter had Ted’s power, Hiro. Peter Petrelli is the one who killed Ando. Peter Petrelli killed all of those people.”

“But I was there!” Hiro snapped at me. His hands were shaking, and sweat was glistening on his brown. “I saw you.”

“You saw me call on the power, but Peter was glowing, wasn’t he?” He had to have seen that, the way that Peter’s bones were burning through his flesh. I didn’t wait for Hiro to process the information. “I was there, but I wasn’t there to blow up New York. Why would I do that? I’d get no power from it. I’ve never enjoyed killing innocent people.” OK, that was sort of a lie, but it was a small one. I like killing. “I was there to stop Peter. When you stopped me, you let Peter explode. Peter was the bomb. Peter destroyed the world, and you helped him when you tried to kill me.”

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